Basecamp Fitness Launches ‘Burn It To Earn It’ Program

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Basecamp Fitness[1], a fast-paced and efficient wellness concept, today announced a new ‘Burn It to Earn It’[2] program for an Apple Watch. The program is designed to provide members with a fully holistic approach to health and wellness – both inside and outside the four walls of Basecamp Fitness studios. Members with an ‘unlimited’ membership will have the opportunity to earn an Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS)[3] merely by attending classes.

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The program utilizes Basecamp’s proprietary Strong Heart[5] app for Apple Watch to allow Basecamp’s members to conveniently monitor and validate their Basecamp workout, results and health data; find motivation on low movement days; improve sleep, mindfulness and nutrition; integrate healthy decisions and actions into their overall lifestyle; and stay connected with friends and other members, all in real-time from one device.

“We focus on how technology innovation can positively affect change in our members lives,” said Jedidiah Schmidt, President of Basecamp Fitness. “More than 90% of our members already use iOS devices, and this customer-centric fitness experience with Apple Watch further complements the technology advancements we’re already making at our studios across the country. Ultimately, we have a vision to help our members be the best versions of themselves, improve their self-esteem and connect to a purpose that is greater than fitness.”

When members sign up for an ‘unlimited’ monthly membership with Basecamp Fitness, they’ll be able to opt-in to the Earn Your Watch program. It will add a monthly subscription fee to the membership commitment, and members can then earn that monthly add-on down to $0 simply by participating in Basecamp classes. If members average three classes per week, tracked via the Strong Heart app, over the course of a year-long commitment, they earn their Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS), courtesy of Basecamp.

Basecamp also integrates Apple technology into its experience through simplified class scheduling via an iOS app, iPad-controlled video display systems, iPad-centric employee training systems, Apple iMac and Macbook front desk devices, and class check-in stations for members managed by wall-mounted iPads. Basecamp will eventually introduce goals, games and milestones into the ‘Burn It to Earn It’ program, as well as community connection and additional in-class enhancements through the Apple Watch app.

Basecamp Fitness debuted in 2015 and was acquired in 2018 by Self Esteem Brands[6], parent company of Anytime Fitness, Waxing the City, and The Bar Method. Basecamp currently has locations throughout the West Coast and the Midwest, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Twin Cities, with an aggressive global growth plan in the works. The brand targets coveted locations in high-energy neighborhoods that are in the heart of the action.

“Basecamp opened its first Minnesota studio in the Twin Cities’ North Loop neighborhood in June 2019 and is planning to open a second studio in Edina, MN and studios in Madison, WI early next year,” said Schmidt. “Within the next five years, we plan to have hundreds of Basecamp studios worldwide. We’re more than a workout. We are an inclusive community of people that welcome, encourage and celebrate one another. Our programming is focused on maximizing every moment during class, so that our members can also build their best selves.”

Basecamp’s high-energy workout session is unique in design. It improves strength while increasing cardio performance by alternating 60-second bursts of various strength-training exercises with 60-seconds on a stationary assault bike that ‘fights back’ – the faster you pedal, the more resistance you feel – all in an intense 35-minute guided class. The fast and fun classes are followed by optional 10-minute core exercise sessions to round out the workout.

The ‘Burn It to Earn It’ program launched nationwide November 1, 2019. For more information on Basecamp Fitness, please visit[7]m, call 630-779-8791, email[8] or follow along on social media at @BasecampFitness.

About Basecamp Fitness

Basecamp Fitness is a high-intensity efficient workout, designed to help you discover a stronger, faster you. Each 35-minute workout focuses on interval training, rotating between an Air-bike and heart-pumping floor exercises. Supported by a trained instructor, members receive additional guidance via large instructional video screens. An optional 10 minutes at the end of each workout features a wide array of core exercises, which means participants benefit from intense cardio, strength training and abdominal training during every session. The first Basecamp Fitness studio opened in Burlingame, CA in 2013. Today, there are six locations – two in the San Francisco area, three near Los Angeles and Basecamp’s newest location in Minneapolis’ North Loop. Purchased by Self Esteem Brands in 2018, corporate-owned Basecamp Fitness gyms began opening in the Twin Cities metro area in 2019 with plans for worldwide franchising beginning in 2020.

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