Basecamp’s protest of Apple’s policies is already benefiting other developers


Twitter restricted a tweet from President Trump where he promised to use “serious force” if Washington, DC ever tried to create an autonomous zone like Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest area[26]. The company said the tweet violated its policy against abusive behavior. Adi Robertson at The Verge has the story:

Restricted tweets can’t be liked or replied to[27], although they can be retweeted with a comment. Despite this, Trump’s huge social media following almost guarantees any tweet will be widely seen on Twitter. So the decision is largely symbolic, but it helps Twitter stake out a position of acknowledging and acting on Trump’s problematic social media posts — in contrast with Facebook, which has kept a largely hands-off approach but did remove a Trump ad for using Nazi imagery last week[28]. A Facebook post[29] with Trump’s “serious force” message has so far not been labeled or removed.

Facebook suffered a setback in a key challenge to its advertising model, as Germany’s highest civil court said that it has “no doubt” the social network misuses its dominant market position[30]. The court ruled that Facebook must comply with a strict order curbing how it tracks users’ browsing and smartphone apps. Facebook is appealing the decision. (Karin Matussek / Bloomberg)

Weeks after content moderators reached a $52 million settlement with Facebook over trauma they suffered working for the company, many are being told that they must view some of the most disturbing content on the internet for an extra 48 minutes per day[31]. (Sam Biddle / The Intercept)

Nine months after Facebook vowed to investigate abusive posts by anti-vaxxers, none of the users involved have been penalized[32]. Anti-vaxxers have posted violent, horrific comments and death threats to vaccine advocates on the platform. (Elizabeth Cohen / CNN)

The police chief who helped create the “Facebook Unit” in Menlo Park abruptly stepped down on Friday, citing a loss of community trust[33]. Earlier this month, local residents protested the police unit, and demanded Facebook cease funding the Menlo Park Police Department. (Sarah Emerson / OneZero)

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