Basecamp’s protest of Apple’s policies is already benefiting other developers

More than 70 employees at Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy are calling for significant internal change at the organization to combat systemic racism[34]. Employees at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative are asking management to commit to 12 changes that will make the philanthropy more inclusive. (Theodore Schleifer / Recode)

Facebook is suing a developer who is allegedly behind a data scraping campaign that took personal information, including login credentials, from thousands of people[35]. Facebook has increasingly turned to lawsuits to stop data abuses on its platform in recent years. (Alfred Ng / CNET)

Twitter and Apple spoke out against Trump’s suspension of a variety of guest worker visas.[36] The new restrictions would fall particularly hard on H-1B visas, which are often used by tech companies to hire foreign workers without engaging a traditional immigration process. (Russell Brandom / The Verge)

Google also released a statement condemning the new restrictions, saying[37]: “Immigrants have not only fueled technological breakthroughs and created new businesses and jobs but have also enriched American life.” (Russell Brandom / The Verge)

A group of black YouTube creators filed a lawsuit regarding alleged racial discrimination in the YouTube algorithm[38]. They say the platform has been systematically removing their content without explanation. (Reed Albergotti / The Washington Post)

The FBI used Instagram, an Etsy review, and LinkedIn to identify a protestor accused of setting two police cars on fire during recent protests in Philadelphia[39]. The case shows how police have been able to use social media and other publicly-available online records to identify protesters from just a few scraps of initial information. (James Vincent / The Verge)

As local governments ease shelter-in-place restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, they’re relying on contact tracing apps to help stop the spread of the disease[40]. But the apps are far from ready for a major rollout, as this latest piece on the subject documents. (Rolfe Winkler and Patience Haggin / The Wall Street Journal)

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