Basecamp’s protest of Apple’s policies is already benefiting other developers

Microsoft’s surprise closure of Mixer comes with a plan to port its creators over to Facebook Gaming[47]. But it’s difficult to find many Mixer streamers who are willing to move to Facebook instead of the much more popular, Amazon-owned Twitch. (Tom Warren / The Verge)

Pinterest sent an email to staff saying it will add a person of color to its board and will start evaluating managers based on diversity hiring[48]. The news comes in response to employee concerns about racial disparities after two black former workers on the policy team said they faced discrimination there. (Sarah Frier / Bloomberg)

Facebook promoted tips to help users spot fake news[49]. When scientists tested the effectiveness of the company’s advice, the lessons appear to work. Encouraging news. (Kaveh Waddell / Consumer Reports)

Oculus is ending sales of its low-end Oculus Go virtual reality headset to focus on Oculus Quest[50]. The company will maintain Oculus Go firmware through 2022 and accept new apps through December 2020, but it will stop selling Go hardware after the current stock runs out. (Adi Robertson / The Verge)

Accessibility advocates criticized Twitter for the lack of captions in the company’s brand-new audio tweet feature[51]. The company doesn’t have a team dedicated to accessibility, instead relying on employees who volunteer their time above and beyond their usual duties. It’s not a good look. (Kim Lyons / The Verge)

Social media influencers are actively participating in the online conversation about racial justice following the police killing of George Floyd and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement[52]. In the past, many say they lost followers for speaking out about politics. (Rachel E. Greenspan and Kat Tenbarge / Insider)

Things to do

Stuff to occupy you online during the quarantine.

Play a new game on Houseparty[53]. It’s called Word Racers and it looks fun!

Look at this botched art restoration[54]. The destruction of our cultural heritage is a tragedy but also I can’t stop laughing!

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