The Importance of Skill & Equipment Redundancy

Map out what your communications needs are and identify what gear supports those needs. If a single piece of equipment is listed for one of the unit’s communications needs, add a redundant device to that need.

The Benefits of Skill and Equipment Redundancy

There are numerous benefits[7] to developing communications redundancy within your organization. Let’s briefly touch on a few. This snapshot will hopefully encourage you to investigate implementing or strengthening communication redundancies within your team.

Improved flexibility is one significant benefit of skill and equipment redundancy. Operations that rely on individual skill sets or specific communications equipment can become a limiting factor in a unit’s effectiveness. When multiple people have been trained in a skill or when back up units can offset an equipment failure, the team is more flexible.

The value of each team member increases as they are taught new skills. This has the dual benefit of giving leaders more options in how teams are organized and allows individuals to grow and maintain interest. An investment in training new skills helps everyone.

As team strength grows, either through redundant equipment or added skillsets, the unit’s synergies improve. This is most often seen through greater efficiencies related to typical operations the team supports. Tasks are completed quicker, and issues are resolved faster when communications redundancy is employed.

Communications equipment is a force multiplier. From battlefields to search & rescue operations our ability to interact with organic resources and resources outside our organization are dependent on reliable communications.

A lack of redundancy in gear and skillsets can quickly make an otherwise successful team ineffective. Leaders and team members should seek to eliminate any single points of failure. Cultivating a robust redundancy in communications equipment and the skills surround the use of communications gear is essential. With communications redundancies a part of standard operating procedures, you will almost never become ineffective due to communications gear failures.

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