Top 10 Free BaseCamp Alternatives – eLearning Industry

For any eLearning Project[1] to be successful, it is essential that you stay focused on-task and stick to the deadlines. Basecamp[2] is a project management tool that allows eLearning professionals to share documents, give and receive feedback, and assign tasks. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the privilege of managing eLearning projects online. However, there are a number of free BaseCamp alternatives that also allow you to collaborate and meet deliverable deadlines effectively.

  1. Unison[3]
    This is an all-in-one project management platform, which offers you the ability to chat with team members, share files and videos, and collaborate in private rooms. It also allows you to access your virtual workspace from any device, and to instantly check who is working and what they are working on. To get started simply visit the site and create your own free account. If you’d like to use your company logo or have standard email support, you can always upgrade (paying a fee) to the business plan after you’ve ensured that Unison is ideal for your needs.
  2. TeamWorkPM[4]
    It features an easy to use dashboard that offers a quick overview of all tasks, milestones, and comments from team members. You also have the ability to create announcements and assign or modify projects through a simple and straightforward drag-and-drop system. To sign up for the free membership level, visit the site and click on the “sign up for free” button. The free plan also features 10 MB storage, and allows you to work on up to 2 projects at a time.
  3. Trello[5]
    This free BaseCamp alternative gives you the ability to share files, create checklists, and even track progress for specific tasks. There’s also a deadline tracker and task assignment feature, as well as “cards” that represent assignments (which can be modified by users). Best of all, you get an unlimited amount of cards, meaning that you can create and track as many tasks as you like. To get started, simply sign up and begin customizing your virtual dashboard. You can access Trello on a wide range of platforms, including iPhone and Android.
  4. Asana[6]
    With Asana you can assign tasks, deadlines, and communicate with your team members quickly and conveniently. You can add as many organization guests, clients, vendors, etc you need. Just sign up for a free Asana account, which allows you to invite up to 15 members, and there are no downloads or installs required. It offers unlimited tasks and unlimited projects, all hosted on a secure remote server. You can always upgrade to Asana Premium Plan by paying a monthly fee.
  5. Moovia[7]
    Assign tasks, track work progress, and even evaluate the performance of your team members with this project management tool. With Moovia you can create a private social network that encourages knowledge sharing and streamlined group collaboration. The app also features a meeting calendar, time tracker, and file manager. Sign up for free or log in using your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn ID, and start customizing your Moovia dashboard. Moovia is free for up to 2 members. More members pay a monthly/annually fee.
  6. Storm (Drupal PM) 
    Gives you the opportunity to manage teams and tasks, assign projects, and even create and send PDF invoices, which is ideal for eLearning freelancers or start ups. The platform also features a time tracker and “tickets’ to address issues or concerns, as well as an expense recording tool. Download the program through Drupal to get started. You can also view a live demo through the site to see if the program is right for you and your organization.
  7. Open Atrium[8]
    Sharing documents, communicating with team members, managing events, tracking work progress, publishing content, and creating group landing pages are just some of the features that OpenAtrium offers. It’s open source, so there are no licensing fees, and no vendor lock-ins. To start managing projects and teams through OpenAtrium, you’ll need to download the code via the site and customize your dashboard.
  8. WebCollab[9]
    This is an easy-to-use project management tool that gives you the power to assign rights and permissions to team members, delegate tasks, and keep track of upcoming deadlines. The service is based upon “group spaces”, wherein you can communicate and collaborate with your team, as well as create wikis, blogs, and calendars. It’s available in a variety of languages, and can be downloaded, redistributed, and modified for free. Simply visit the site and download the program through Sourceforge.
  9. Redmine[10]
    This open source program is packed with a variety of useful features, including: time tracking, project wikis, project forums, issue tracking, charts and calendars, multiple database support, and so much more. It even offers support for multiple languages and multiple projects. Just download the file, unzip, install, and gain access to Redmine virtual project management platform.
  10. ProofHub[11]
    This is a powerful Basecamp alternative that comes loaded with features. You can add tasks, assign them to multiple team members. The native chat, along with online discussions are a great way to save your time that teams usually waste on physical meetings. The best part is that it has got an in-built proofing tool that makes life easy for creative teams. The recent addition of automatic timer in the app makes it just the perfect solution for teams that are always running short on deadlines. And, the list does not end here. Notes, Files, Gantt charts, Reports, Third-Party integrations, Calendar, Custom Roles etc., you get it all this at one place in ProofHub!

Sharing, collaborating, and staying on the same page with eLearning team members has never been easier, thanks to these free BaseCamp alternatives. Now that you know the basic features and functions that each one offers, you can further review them before you decide which one is ideal for you.

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